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What is 13 Letters?

A movement for our kids.

Kids today are CONNECTED…but not in the way we want them to be. 

Social media.  Constant access.  Minute-to-minute updates. 

The result is a lot of noise. 

The noise is distracting, competing for what constitutes truth in their hearts.  As parents, we even contribute to the noise (unintentionally of course). 

Unfortunately, through all this noise, our influence on our kids can get lost.


Choked out by society.

Take a Class!


Not all is lost.

As parents, we can still have an influence on our kids during this storm.  It just requires a little thought, a little planning, and a little patience.

They might not recognize you can provide that for them now, but they will.  

Give them the foundation they need:

In their moments of quiet. 

In their moments of sadness. 

They’ll know where to turn.

How? Read on…

13 Letters, Explained

13 Letters is a year-long process celebrating your child and providing guidance they can look back on forever.  The process helps you build up your child while they’re still impressionable, before the noise hits.

The process consists of writing monthly letters to your child–a guided journal of sorts–along with 2-3 purposeful activities throughout the year, with a final celebration of the process right around their 13th birthday. 

Why 13?  It’s a coming-of-age year.  It’s their first year as a teenager, the transition from being a kid to being a young adult. 

It’s a big year; mark it with something unforgettable.

How It Works

Each month, 13 Letters sends you a thought-starter video discussing how to approach that month’s letter, a writing aid/guide to help formulate your thoughts so you can share your heart with your kids, reminders to make time to write, and other tips and tricks to help you be successful overall. 

You’ll also receive a downloadable guide that is full of ideas so you can tailor your letters to your child’s needs.  Any topic is worth writing about, but if you’re stuck we’ll help get the wheels turning.

The activity ideas throughout the year are an opportunity to discuss what you’ve written, answer questions, and create an experience to share with them to help solidify what you’re instilling.  

Kids often remember events much more than regular daily activities, so a purposeful planning of these activities is important.  They don’t have to be extravagant or elaborate, they just need to be with purpose.

 Can you arrange this all on your own?  Sure, we’d encourage it.  But if you need some help, 13 Letters is made for you.

Benefits of 13 Letters

It doesn’t take much time, but the effect of what you’ve done will last a lifetime.



Writing truths to your kids while they’re still young-ish can influence their decisions as they progress through middle school and high school.


Purposeful Activity

Kids often remember events and experiences, so we help you find something perfect for you and your child to experience together.  It could be dinner, a movie night, a sporting event, or even a trip together.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just intentional.


Solid Advice

They might not understand some of the topics or themes at the time they first read them, one day they’ll be struggling or sad.  Give them something to grab off the shelf with sound advice from a trusted person.


Handwritten Investment

Very few things are handwritten anymore.  Investing the time in physically writing something down is a lost art, made all the more meaningful in our current tech-savvy culture.


Treasured Reminder

Having something written by hand, whether its in a bound journal or a collection of letters, is often some of the most cherished items we have of our parents.  We won’t live forever, so give them a reminder to treasure.

Happy Students

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- Rakib Hasan

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